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Articles and Presentations


The following is our library of articles and presentations by this group's members.



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Monthly TMG Tip: Place List Clean Up - by Mike More (16 January)
Using Google Maps & Google Street View to Locate Cemeteries, by David Walker  (19MB) (16 January)
Using GIMP to Combine Multiple Images, by David Walker.  The example demonstrated will be a family spread over two pages of a census return.  GIMP is free for PC and Mac computers. (6.5MB) (16 January)
Using City Directories , Death Certificates, Obituaries & Burial Records to Find Ancestral Homes, by David Walker. This presentation will include the use of Google Maps to actually view ancestral homes.  (13 February)
Update on John Cardinal's Second Site v.3.4.0 - New Chart Features - by Ernest Wiltshire (13 February)
The Road Warrior - how to keep in touch with your data, by Charles Godwin (13 March)
Using GenSmarts with TMG, by Liz Hubbard (13 March)
From Printed Book to Searchable PDF,  by David Walker (10 April) 15.1MB
AniMap ver. 3.0.2, by David Walker (15 May) 8.6MB
GENViewer, ver. 1.23, by David Walker (15 May) 6.8MB
GENMatcher, ver. 108, by David Walker (15 May) 6.0MB
Flip-Pal, a compact mobile scanner for traveling genealogists, by David Walker (12 June), 10MB
Icons in Second Site, by Mike More (19 October)
Wireless Keyboards for Mobiles & Laptops, by Mary Anne Sharpe (19 October)
Flip-Pal, a portable, self-contained scanner - a revisit with examples, by David Walker (13 November)
Backup Strategies for the Home PC User, by Charles Godwin (11 December)