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Articles and Presentations


The following is our library of articles and presentations by this group's members.



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DNA Testing 101: An Introduction to the Various Tests Available and Their Application to Genealogy, by Bob Mallett (3 January)
Mike's Monthly Tips, by Mike More (3 January)
Using and Modifying Sentence Structures in TMG, by Mike More (7 February)
Using Timelines in TMG & Second Site, by David Walker (7 February)
TMG Tips - Seeking Help, by Mike More (7 March)
TMG Tips, by Mike More (11 April)
TMG Tips, by Mike More (2 May)
TMG Utility Tip ~ Living = ?, Y, N Flag, by David Walker  (2 May)
TMG Tips, by Mike More
TMG Options for Adopted Children, by David Walker (13 June)
TMG Tips, by Mike More (4 July)
Adding an Audio File as an Exhibit ~ from Interview to Publishing, by David Walker (4 July)
Introduction to GEDMatch, by Mike More.  This is a self running slide show.
Managing Unkown Names in TMG, by David Walker (7 November)
TMG Tips, by Mike More (7 November)
GenScriber, by David Walker (5 December)
TMG Tips, by Mike More (5 December)