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Articles and Presentations


The following is our library of articles and presentations by this group's members.



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Focus Groups - their use and applications, by Mike More (14 January)
Copying or Moving People Between Data Sets, by Mike More (25 February)
Creating a Source Type from a Model Source, by Ken Wood (24 March)
Adding Multiple People in TMG 8, by Larry Empey (14 April)
Two Important Additions to the Latest Release of Second Site, v.4.2 Build 02, by David Walker (12 May)
Protestant Church Records in Québec in the Drouin Collection at Ancestry, by David Walker (12 May)
Second Site, the Ultimate Publishing Tool for TMG, Part 1: "Out of the Box", by David Walker (3 November)
Second Site, the Ultimate Publishing Tool for TMG, Part 2: "A Selection of Embellishments", by David Walker (3 November)
New Tool!  IRISNotes Executive 2 for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, by David Walker (3 November)
IRIScan Book 2 Executive Portable Scanner, by David Walker.  This hand scanner, from I.R.I.S., is compatible with PC and Mac.  This is a useful tool to take travelling, especially since it does not require a computer connection to scan documents.  3.3 MB (8 December)
Second Site, the Ultimate Publishing Tool for TMG, Part 3: "A Selection of Embellishments - REVISED", by David Walker.  This third in a series of presentations on Second Site will feature adding charts, Person Search and maps to your publication.   This presentation has been revised to include suggestions for improving the implementation of the Person Search feature of Second Site.  The title of the on-line pdf file remains the same. 19.2 MB (8 December, 5 January 2013)