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Articles and Presentations


The following is our library of articles and presentations by this group's members.



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Creating a Custom Image Gallery in Second Site, by David Walker (11 January 2014)
Suggested Image Sizes for TMG & Second Site - a Revisit, by David Walker (11 January, 2014)
Image Mapping Using TMG Utility - An Update, by David Walker.  Edit Exhibit Image Map is a tool in TMG Utility for creating HTML image maps that can be used with Second Site.  Image maps are useful in creating multiple clickable regions within a single exhibit.  (8 February 2014)  20MB
Focus Groups - An Update, by Mike More (8 February 2014)
Adding a Family as a Group, by Larry Empey.  Some new features to Add > Family in TMG 9.0 will be presented. 15 March 2014)
Creating a Custom Toolbar in TMG 9.0, by David Walker (15 March 2014)
New features in Add Source in TMG 9.0, by David Walker (15 March 2014)
Creating a TMG Report for Documenting Missing Tombstone Exhibits, by David Walker (12 April 2014)
Using the TMG Research Project, with partial documentation on TMG Tips, by Gary Turner. (12 April 2014)
Subject Variable in Sentences, by Mike More (10 May 2014)
Pruning a Family Tree Chart in TMG, by Gil and Wendy Croome.  There is also an accompanying file to this talk, entitled Connections for Mourning Brooch.
Demise of TMG, by Mike More (Sept. 2014)
TMG Preferences, Parts 1 & 2, by Larry Empey. (~9.4MB)
ACDSee Pro 8 ~ Imaging Editing for TMG (large 20MB self running slide show with animations), or ACDSee Pro 8 ~ Imaging Editing for TMG (small 5.5MB PDF file, no animations), by David Walker
The Demise of TMG - Parts 1&2, by Mike More.  This presentation will feature comments from Lee Hoffman, Terry Reigel, John Cardinal et al.  This file contains Part 1 from our September meeting and Part 2 from the November meeting.
Some Photography Tips When Documenting Cemeteries, by David Walker (15 November 2014)
Mike's Monthly Tips, by Mike More (13 December)